Rockaway on the Oregon Coast – Rockaway Dispensary

Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast Dispensary now features Organic Theory Farms.

Rockaway Dispensary and Organic Theory Farms Top Self at a great price!

Now selling and loading up this Rockaway Dispensary with fresh flower and prerolls. With the same competitive pricing as before. But now with all top shelf indoor flower.. Currently they  have a great selection of promotional flower. With featuring 2 x .75 grams preroll pack. Made with flower not shake! Unlike 90 percent of the prerolls on the market today.. With production fueled by nectar of the gods organics. We have the best prices and the tastiest prerolls and flower in this little town of Rockaway on the Oregon Coast.. The rockaway dispensary also has a great affordable selection of other goodies. Make sure to swing by weekly with fresh flower drops.  We usally stock up rockaway dispensary every 10 days or so…  With top strains like Grip tonight og, Ice Cream Cake, Allen Wrench, lug Wrench, Meltdown, Super Glue, Tangie land, 9lb Lemon, Banana Breath, Fruit a shima, Cheetah piss, gran daddy purps,  frosting og, venom og, blue chesse, wedding cake, gelato, runtz, do-si-do, wifi cake, scooby snacks, Gushers, gmo, and so much more. Make sure you check out the selection here at this  Rockaway Dispensary on the Oregon coast before it goes. With new seed projects allways going we thrive on trying to make this store in rockaway stand out better than the rest. Feel free to express you options on witch strains you seem to like the best.

Address: 480 US-101, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 9PM
Phone: (503) 883-1510

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