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Our Philosophy

During the growing process we religiously check for color and aroma notes. The color density and strong nose tells us our efforts are supporting our mission to grow the finest in Oregon craft cannabis. Cannabis is a difficult plant to grow- “thin skinned” and temperamental, unless you are a prudent grower, you never really know what the results will be. The plant is not your typical survivor, like a Cabernet grape, that can grow anywhere- thrive even when its neglected. By contrast, most cannabis strains need constant care and attention, and as a matter of fact are best produced in a select few climates around the world.

Only the most patient and nurturing of growers have the bandwidth to grow the plant with the care it deserves. It is the grower that takes the time to understand the potential of cannabis that can coax it into its fullest expression- that is when its flavors are the most haunting, thrilling, subtle, brilliant and ancient. In short, it is constantly evolving and gaining complexity until it peaks.

– Lets hear what pro surfer tony has to say at least –

Great Flower hands DOWN

Can charge harder and longer without any pain. I love what Organic Theory can produce. Great high tasty buds and super clean! you guys rock thanks…