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– Whats In Production Now –

Test number vary this is average over a few crops.

Allen Wrench 29% (Highest Demand)
Scooby Snacks 30% (Tasty)
EL Hefe aka “the Boss” 29% (Tasty)
Fruit A Shima 28% (Funky smell good bag appeal)
OCD Oregon Coast Diesel 24% (Good tester for a Diesel)
Super Glue (GG4 x Blue City Diesel) Not yet tested
Monkey Mints Not yet tested
Chocolate Chip Mint Not yet tested
Grease Monkey 28% (Coffee Smell good taste)
Afgan OG Kush 22%
Crunch Berry 28%
Blueberry Cookies 34% (Couch lock)
Rotten Apple 29% (Bag appeal)
Cherry Soda Punch 34%
Grip Tonight OG 28% (aphrodisiac)
Headband 28% (Tasty)
Meltdown 26% (stinky)
Pineapple Trainwreck 23% (Its Crazy Pink at times)
Doloato %20 (Sleepy Time)
Kimbo Kush OG %28 (Tasty)
Gorilla Cookies %27 (Tasty)
Sour Tangie 25% (not much on looks but insane flavor)
Purple Alien Space Dawg OG (Purple)
Not Yet tested but mom was tested at 32%

– Slacking on the site spending to much at the farm, but lets here what fellow kite boarder Jim has to say –

OH Man that stuff is sticky and gooooey

I love it i just leave it open the the car all day so i can enjoy the smell before its all smoked away….. Organic Theory can produce ROCKS.

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